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Make your own wire and bead Christmas ornaments

You know how “they” say there’s all sorts of beading and wire designs for free on the internet? Well, try to find beautiful, quality, artistic wire and bead Christmas ornament tutorials…I couldn’t find them…well….maybe one or two… So….for the last … Continue reading

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Beaded Knitting Stitch Markers Free Tutorial

I used to knit sweaters for my children all the time. I would even knit matching sweaters for my daughter’s dolls. But as with most kids, once they reached a certain age, they wouldn’t wear anything I made for them. … Continue reading

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Ring from Plastic Toilet Paper Packaging

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything….I have good reasons! First is was the holidays. It was the first time in 3 long years that our family was all together. I didn’t want to miss a minute, so I put … Continue reading

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Hanging Herb Garden using 2 liter plastic bottles

Gotta love Pinterest! I found this really great idea for a hanging herb garden using plastic 2 liter bottles. The original post is from Home-Dzine and you can find the complete directions here. I wonder how far you can push … Continue reading

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Recycled Plastic Egg Cartons into Christmas Ornaments.

I don’t like throwing away stuff…especially plastic that’s going to take eons to decompose. Consequently, I’ve accumulated quite a large stack of plastic egg cartons. I’ve made some pretty flowers with them and turned them into napkin rings, but the … Continue reading

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Great post about recycled jewelry from The Beading Gem’s Journal

This morning I decided to do a little searching to see the latest on recycled jewelry, especially using plastic. I found this wonderful and informative post on The Beading Gem’s Journal. Recycled plastic jewelry is getting more beautiful and sophisticated. … Continue reading

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Free Samples!

While I was checking the news this morning, to see who has killed who in the world, I found an article with this interesting title: 10 travel essentials you can find in the trash           I … Continue reading

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