Bags to Beads

If you’re interested in recycling and beading, you’ll want to buy my book, Bags to Beads.

Below are some examples of the beads you’ll learn how to make: Coiled tube beads, round and leaf shaped beads, and heart beads….and many more.


Over 150 photos guide you step by step to safely and easily recycle ordinary plastic grocery bags into durable, delightful beads.

Round, Square, Heart, Buttons, Faux-Bois tube shapes and more.

Clear instructions show you how to:

*Keep safe when using plastic. There’s even a section on what not to do!

*Cut plastic bags to ensure that your beads are uniform in size.

*Shape the plastic using only your hands and inexpensive tools.

*Make the bead holes, then paint and seal your beads.

To purchase Bags to Beads click here.


For more information and free tutorials for making projects with plastic bag beads,

please visit my website:


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