Beaded Knitting Stitch Markers Free Tutorial

I used to knit sweaters for my children all the time. I would even knit matching sweaters for my daughter’s dolls. But as with most kids, once they reached a certain age, they wouldn’t wear anything I made for them. So I stopped knitting and went on to other craft adventures.

Over time, I gave away all my yarn, needles, and knitting supplies. Even most of my patterns. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve knitted anything. But, when my granddaughter arrived this past February, all of a sudden I got the urge to knit. Don’t quite understand it, but I was almost compelled to go out and buy yarn and needles.

I also did a “Google” for knitted infant sweaters and discovered the wonderful world of free knitting patterns to download! (If you’re interested, here are two great links:

What does all this have to do with beads and recycling? While I was shopping for new knitting supplies, I thought to myself how plain and boring the round plastic stitch-markers were and decided to design some colorful beaded ones for myself. After a few trials and errors, I came up with these:

They’re large enough to fit most knitting needles and quite sturdy. You could make the rings smaller for thin needles or larger for giant needles. They’re perfect for using up odds and ends of beads and small pieces of wire. (such as the wire heart and spiral shown in the picture) I’m finding them so fun to make, it’s almost addictive.

If you sell your jewelry creations, these stitch markers would be a good way to add another dimension to your collection. I suggest making them up in sets of 4-6 markers, and displaying them on cards similar to earrings. They should sell quite well and would make lovely gifts and stocking stuffers for knitters.

Here is a free PDF tutorial and a free slide show tutorial on how to make a simple stitch marker. They both contain quite a few photos and detailed instructions. Once you have the basic idea, then you can use your imagination to design your own!

Oh, and one last thing… I couldn’t resist showing off my little granddaughter and her new sweater!


About lorifellows

Lori Fellows lives with her low maintenance husband and high maintenance cat. When she's not designing plastic bag beads and wire work projects, you'll probably find her working in her greenhouse or making bread and pizza in her outdoor earth oven.
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