Napkin Ring Made From Recycled Toilet Paper Packaging

Before I start telling you about the napkin ring, I must tell my news. February 2012 has been a memorable month for me… I have my first grandchild!!!! A beautiful girl.

As my daughter aptly put it, “Our world now weighs 8 pounds”.

Ok…back to recycling…

To keep busy while waiting for Daphne to arrive, I designed a new recycled plastic project. Since I had just designed a coiled ring, I decided to push that theme a little farther by making a napkin ring. Again, I used colored plastic toilet paper packaging, so it works up quickly with no painting or sealing needed.

Instead of using a wire coil for decoration as I did for the ring, I used a large, clear, acrylic bead. After coiling the wire tails around the wire strands on each side of the napkin ring base, I threaded them back up through the colored plastic disk on each side the bead to make the piece stronger and more stable. The wire ends hold the disk in place and prevent it from wobbling from side to side.

recycled plastic napkin ring illustration

Finishing the wire ends with tiny coils covers the holes in the disk and adds an unusual decorative touch. A set of 8 napkin rings would make a lovely gift. They are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and quick to make.

recycled plastic napkin ring

For custom colored disks, make them from ordinary white plastic grocery bags, then paint in any color. Directions for making and painting white disks are in my book, Bags to Beads 

I’ve written a free tutorial for making the napkin ring in PDF format (over 20 photos!) that’s available on my website. Also, there’s a 5 minute youtube slideshow tutorial.  Enjoy!


About lorifellows

Lori Fellows lives with her low maintenance husband and high maintenance cat. When she's not designing plastic bag beads and wire work projects, you'll probably find her working in her greenhouse or making bread and pizza in her outdoor earth oven.
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