Book Review – Crafting with Cat Hair

I just received “Crafting with Cat Hair” as a gift. At first I thought it was a joke, but after reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised. The thought of brushing your cat and using the fur to make crafts might seem sort of strange to some, but when you think about it, it starts to make sense (a little). My germ-o-phobic fears were laid to rest when I read how to wash the cat hair before using it. We use clean sheep wool, why not use clean cat hair?

Kaori Tsutaya has written “Crafting with Cat Hair” with a cat lover’s heart. The book is filled with not only easy and cute crafts using cat hair, but photos of much loved cats and information about keeping those cats happy.

Another reason why I like this book is that it incorporates recycled items in the projects. Cardboard, milk cartons, and old wool sweaters are used.

So…if you know a cat lover, a crafter, or someone who loves to recycle, this would make a lovely gift for them.

Here’s a link to buy the book at amazon


About lorifellows

Lori Fellows lives with her low maintenance husband and high maintenance cat. When she's not designing plastic bag beads and wire work projects, you'll probably find her working in her greenhouse or making bread and pizza in her outdoor earth oven.
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